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We are Fitness One. Our business is all about fitness. Every aspect of fitness. We will get people to recognize the importance of fitness. And we will show them how to adopt fitness regimens that will dramatically improve the quality of their lives. We will go about this professionally, leveraging and adapting global best practices, and staying current in our programmes.


Get trained from the certified trainers.


Enroll in our result oriented fitness plans to achieve your goals


Get free healthy diet plan from certified pink dietitians.


Correct your posture and get into shape by our certified physios.

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We will always be keen students of the sciences of goal setting, motivation and outcome based planning and implementation. We will seek every occasion to grow our personal knowledge in the field, and proactively share such knowledge with the team. We are unlikely to ever have all the answers. But we will not be wanting in our focused efforts to deliver the best fitness solutions. We will not pass judgment on competition. Our focus will always be to improve our service standards. And to lead by example.

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We always encourage people to take action on their health and fitness. In order to break the jinx and make people to workout. We offer Trial membership for first time gym users.


Getting into shape is possibly the most significant commitment you are making to improve the quality of your life. You own it to yourself. While it may be hard to believe now, a month or so into Pink Programme, and you will find you have completely adjusted to a better way of living.

Get Trained With Physio Trainers

Personal Training meets Physiotherapy, the PERFECT combination. You can still get a hard and effective workout, while minimising your risk of injury. We help you reach your exercise and fitness goals in the safest way possible. We do this through a physiotherapy evidence-based approach for injury prevention also to reach your goal quicker, safer and more efficiently.

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